I am a writer, freelance designer, & Real Estate Investor who specializes in rehab properties. I was a successful business owner in the services industry for many years prior to that.

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Hi! I'm Valerie Clay. My story begins with leaving home at a young age. Despite my ignorant beliefs, economics class wasn't sufficient for preparing me for the real world. No one told me how to use credit or manage debt. I spent years going into debt trying to be able to afford better things. Once I realized debt wasn't the way to go, I continued going into a downward spiral of debt due to being married to someone who was financially irresponsible. Finally, I met a man who helped to bring a change.


This man was with Primerica. I hired him to sell me some life insurance but the message he brought turned into financial freedom. He showed me how to manage a budget in the most effective way. He also showed me how to save money without it affecting my bills. And, for the first time ever, he had me considering retirement. Within months I had $5000 put back. I was finally able to save money and had long-term financial goals.


Not long after I met the Primerica agent, I became a single mom. With no child support coming in, my kids depended solely on me. Because of this, I became extremely disciplined & frugal. I set out on a mission to learn how to be a wise manager of my finances.

Then I met my current husband. The seed that the Primerica agent had sown paid off. Together, we've worked hard to pay off over $100,000 worth of our combined debt, and we did this in about 5 years! We have our financial ducks in a row and have paid off everything but the house. On top of that, we've utilized side businesses, flipped houses, & provided extra services for people in order to create additional income to go toward our mortgage. We are soon to be completely debt-free.


In other words, I practice what I preach!


My husband and I came from a poor background. If we can build a great life from nothing, you can too. I want to help you not only through life's financial challenges but also through other difficulties. Overcoming bad habits will give you financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual peace; which is God's best for our lives. Click here for more on getting rid of bad financial habits.